Urban Baby Boy Clothes

Let’s face it, babies are messy. They can’t control it, they’re still learning to use their hands! Honestly, it’s likely that not even Broadway performers go through as many wardrobe changes as your little man does in one day. That’s why every mum has an entire arsenal of spot removers and spare playsuits.

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At Nixon’s Closet, we have a huge selection of baby boy clothes; from classic sets to crazy rompers. Our brand is all about two things: confidence and fun! Babies don’t need to learn either of those things quite yet, but sometimes mom needs a reminder. We’re here to jog your memory and remind you that some days you just have to laugh!

Cheeky Styles to Make Mum Smile

It’s great to see your kids looking cute, but every busy mum would much rather spend her extra time doing anything but struggling with a cranky baby and a complicated outfit. At Nixon’s Closet, cute doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve got a range of playsuits and rompers featuring sarcastically sweet and hilarious sayings. He can’t read it yet so it’s really just to make you smile, mum! If he’s teething, we know you need it.

We have some truly adorable outfits that are perfect for days when you just need something easy. They’re great whether you’re hanging at home, on the go or when you just want to give the babysitter something to think about.

Dapper Sets to Impress His Fans

You know your little boy has fans all over the place. That little old lady down the street, his cool Aunt and all the legions who just can’t help but pinch those cheeks. With that kind of following, a little man needs something to wear that’s a cut above the rest. When you need your baby boy to look like his favourite hobby isn’t farting and giggling, shop our dapper line. Top off the new outfit with a bowtie if you really want to send Grandma to the moon and back.

If dapper isn’t really your thing, we’ve got an entire selection of urban baby boy clothes as well. Dressing up isn’t always bow ties and button-ups, after all!

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Even baby boys need accessories, or at least you’ll think so once you see our sweet kicks and tiny little beanies! We have fluffy slides and baby joggers, and our cable socks are a must for those who love to kick their socks off their feet. So, you know, every baby ever. We also have sets and playsuits that come with accessories included, so you can buy a complete outfit and save yourself some time!

Shop Nixon’s Closet for Cute and Affordable Styles

Our business began in 2014 because we couldn’t find cute clothes in our price range for our sons. It’s easy to find things for girls, even when you’re on a budget. In our experience, cute costs extra for baby boys. We’re changing that and are now happy to report that our children are some of the best-dressed on the Gold Coast. Of course, we could be biased …

If you want the most adorable boy clothes at prices you can afford, shop Nixon’s Closet today. We accept Afterpay and Zippay as well as a range of other payment methods.

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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