Boys Distressed Jeans

Let me tell you something about being distressed: it’s all the rage in alternative styles! Nothing rocks the look quite like a nice acid wash or artfully ripped pants. That goes for skaters, rappers and any kind of little styler you’ve got runnin’ around all up in that crib. We carry a wide range of cutting-edge styles for both girls and boys. Distressed jeans are only one of the many ways we help your kids celebrate that rebellious attitude you’ve come to know and love. Well, most days …

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If you want to give yourself an advantage on those days when your kids drive you the craziest, remember that a dose of cuteness always helps. Literally. It’s a science thing. Kids are tiny and cute because it keeps their parents from eating them when they get too rowdy, just ask a lion--or a scientist.

Why Should You Buy Distressed Jeans for Your Kids?

How many times have you bought a perfectly good pair of brand new pants, only to see your child rip through them in a week? Sometimes their rate of growth is nothing compared to their rate of destruction! That’s the beauty of the distressed trend: it’s a practical way to work around your child’s magical ability to ruin their own clothing!

Now all those little tears and grass stains just become another part of what makes the outfit unique. That means your little ones can run and play without worrying over how mum’s going to feel about the state of their jeans. And that just gives them more freedom to be themselves and explore the world uninhibited and truly carefree.

All Our Clothes are Made for Playing

Here at Nixon’s Closet, we keep our design eye focused on what really matters: having fun! It’s not just about our quirky sense of style, either. It’s also about making clothes that help your kids move. Not only does this keep them from becoming upset over constricting garments, it actually keeps their growth and development on track.

Nothing will slow down your little stylers when they’re rocking an outfit from our store. Our stretchy fabrics and ample wiggle room make playing a day in the park when you shop at Nixon’s Closet. All our clothes are made for having fun, well, almost all of them.

Sometimes They’re Made for Visiting Grandma at Christmas

Sometimes you have to pack away the ripped jeans and go for something a little nicer. We wish there was a way around it. Oh wait, no we don’t because these outfits are soooo cute! Red satin rompers with matching bow booties, big hulking stompers with bow ties for cuties; these are a few of our favourite things! No bee stings needed, either. These are outfits you don’t need an excuse to love. So, do something nice for grandma this Christmas: give her a picture-perfect moment with her grandkids.

Our Styles Take Your Kids From Puddle Jumping to Total Player

Whether your kids are getting dirty on the playground or dressing to impress the neighbours, we’ve got an outfit for every occasion. Even for those mornings when being mum feels like an impossibility. Nixon’s Closet has what you need to stay classy when sarcastic is more your speed. I’m sorry, did we say stay classy? We meant keep it simple.

Shop our selection today and find the best and most affordable clothing for your girls and boys. Distressed jeans are just the start, so check out our entire selection and find something awesome!

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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