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If you're expecting soon or have a new baby, then one of the first tasks that you'll have to complete is finding baby clothing online in Australia. Shopping online will save you time and stress - two very important things for new parents. Instead of traipsing through physical stores with a baby in tow, you can relax and shop from home at a time that works for you. Nixons Closet offers a wide range of stylish clothing for babies and children up to six years. We focus on quality, service, and style in everything we do.

Tips Regarding Choosing the Right Baby Clothing

Shopping for baby clothes is one of the most fun parts of having an infant. There are so many adorable items to choose from, and whether you're buying clothes for your own baby or a gift for a friend or family member, picking out tiny new outfits is a blast. Here are some steps that you can take to make sure that you have the best possible shopping experience and end up with clothes that your baby will love wearing.

  • Safety first. Baby clothing should not have any small parts that could be removed, such as buttons, tiny bows, decorative rhinestones, and the like because these items are choking risks. Also, consider the fabric that the clothing is made from and choose a natural material, such as cotton or linen, that won't irritate sensitive skin.
  • Buy big enough. Buying the right size for babies and young kids can be tricky because they grow so fast. You don't want your baby's clothes to be way too large, but you also don't want them to become too small in too short a time. If your baby seems close to outgrowing their current size, go ahead and order the next one up.
  • Look for easy-on, easy-off design. Trying to wrangle tiny arms and legs into tiny clothing can be a challenge. Look for clothes that not only look great but will also go on and come off with ease. Rompers that can be pulled up from the feet or pulled down over the head are particularly versatile.
  • Shop for the season. Consider the climate and the seasons where you live when choosing clothes for your baby. For example, if you're near the end of winter, then it's probably time to buy spring clothing to get the most value out of it. Think ahead when you buy baby clothes in Australia and choose season-appropriate pieces.

Benefits of Linen Baby Clothes in Australia

Linen has been a go-to warm-weather fabric for thousands of years. There are good reasons why so many people turn to this lightweight, comfy material even now. Here are a few of the benefits of buying linen baby clothes for your little one.

  • It's natural and non-toxic. Many modern fabrics feel soft but can irritate your baby's delicate skin because of the chemicals used during the production process. Some of these fabrics are treated with dozens of chemicals that may be of questionable safety when it comes to your child. Linen is woven from plant fibre, making it a natural and safe choice for babies' clothing.
  • It's moisture-wicking and breathable. The weave and structure of linen encourage proper airflow, giving it its breezy feel even on the hottest days of summer. This material is surprisingly absorbent yet quick drying. It's also typically loose and non-clingy, making it ideal for keeping your baby cool and comfortable when the weather turns warm and humid.
  • It's low maintenance. Linen is quite durable and easy-care, making it ideal for busy parents. You can use most stain removing products on linen (avoiding bleach) and wash in cold water and air dry. There is no need to iron linen; its naturally rumpled look is part of its charm. For these reasons and more, linen is perfect for babies' clothes.
  • It's timeless. Linen is always in style - and has been since early Egyptian times. This material has long been treasured for its easy maintenance, summery style, and unmatched comfort. Linen clothes will keep your baby looking stylish season after season, and what's more, the clothes themselves will continue looking new even after being handed down through multiple kids.

Tips Regarding Choosing Baby Clothing Accessories

Accessories aren't just for adult fashionistas. If you want your baby to look sharp, accessories are a must - but those accessories must also be safe and practical. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best baby accessories for your little diva.

  • Materials. What is the accessory that you're thinking of buying made of? Any accessories designed for babies, including shoes, hats, headbands, bags, sunglasses, blankets, and more, should be constructed from baby-safe materials. Make sure that the item is made specifically for little ones and won't scratch, pinch, or otherwise hurt your baby.
  • Convenience. Just like baby clothes, any accessories that you pick out for your baby should be easy to use, easy to take on and off, and easy to maintain. No accessory, no matter how cute, is worth a hassle every time you get your baby dressed. Look for pieces that are both simple and stylish with easy fasteners and low maintenance requirements.
  • Quality. Try to find accessories made to high standards of quality so that they will last as long as possible. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will ensure that your baby's accessories stay in good shape over the months even with heavy use. You want those awesome sunglasses to look as good in six months as they do now.
  • Versatility. Whenever possible, look for items that grow with your baby. Some items, such as shoes, will naturally be outgrown relatively quickly - but others can last even as your baby gets bigger. Bags, hats, socks, bibs, blankets, and more can all work for babies of varying sizes - another reason to choose items that are made to last.

Benefits of Shopping Online for Babies' Clothes in Australia

Today's parents are busier than ever, making it difficult to find the time and energy to spend entire afternoons out shopping for baby clothes. Thanks to online shopping, buying baby clothes has become simpler than ever. You can easily find clothing for your baby or toddler in online shops without ever having to leave your home, and the clothes will be delivered directly to your doorstep within days. Here are some of the advantages of doing your baby clothes shopping online.

  • It's convenient. There's no need to fight traffic or crowds, fit your shopping activities into the store's operating hours, schedule shopping trips precariously between your baby's meal- or naptimes, or drive to multiple stores looking for the right items. Instead, you can stay home and shop anytime that works well for you.
  • It saves time. Shopping online is a tremendous timesaver. Driving to brick-and-mortar stores takes considerably more time than browsing a website. When you shop online, you'll cut out the time you would otherwise spend travelling and waiting in queues - a significant amount of time for a busy parent.
  • Shop anytime - 24/7. Not only will shopping online take less time, but you can schedule that time for a time that suits you. Can't sleep at 3:00 am? Baby fall asleep right after lunch? Have a few minutes first thing in the morning before work? Grab anytime, day or night, to get your shopping done.
  • You can read other customers' reviews. Reviews and ratings are a huge benefit of shopping online. Customer reviews can give you a good idea of what you can expect from the company in terms of quality and customer service. You can also learn a lot about the clothes themselves -  the condition in which they arrived, how they held up to washing, and much more.
  • Browse a more extensive selection. Are you looking for something specific? Selective about style? Online stores can offer more options than physical stores, which are limited by the size of their buildings. Online stores don't have these limitations, so they can provide more clothing and accessories than any single physical shop.

Tips Regarding Buying Baby Clothes Online

Shopping online for baby clothes in Australia is the easiest and most convenient way to get affordable baby clothes that you and your little one will both love. Here are some tips for purchasing clothes online that will help make the process effortless and virtually hassle-free.

  • Use online baby boutiques. Online baby boutiques such as Nixons Closet have grown in popularity in recent years - and there are good reasons why. These smaller companies tend to be extremely competitive when it comes to quality, price, and customer service. It's also a great way to find adorable and unique clothes, unlike massive retailers.
  • When in doubt, size up. If you aren't sure what size to buy, buy the larger of the two in question. Babies grow so fast that it won't matter if an item is slightly too large - but an item that fits perfectly or is too snug won't get much wear. Buying clothes with enough room will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Know your baby's height and weight. These factors are more important when choosing the right size than your child's age. Not all newborns wear the newborn size; not all nine-month-olds wear the six-to-12-month size. Pay attention to sizing charts when available and go by your child's actual size - not just their age.
  • Buy quality. Choosing clothes solely based on price can be a costly mistake. Too-cheap items may equate to poor quality -  for example, low-quality materials, uneven seams, offset ruffles, and clothing that simply wears out too fast. Higher-quality clothing will last longer and negate the need to keep rebuying when they wear out.

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Baby Clothing in Australia

If you're shopping for baby clothes online in Australia, it's important to know a few tricks to help you avoid the blunders made by so many new parents and gift-givers. To have the best possible experience and end up with beautiful, stylish clothes that are also comfortable and functional, steer clear of these common mistakes.

  • Stocking up on newborn-size clothing. If you're shopping in anticipation of your baby's arrival, don't make the mistake of buying an entire wardrobe all in newborn sizes. For one thing, your baby might be bigger than the average newborn; for another, they will probably grow so fast that you won't get much use out of these tiny garments.
  • Not putting comfort first. Your baby can't tell you if they're uncomfortable - at least, not in so many words. That means that you should avoid anything that could cause discomfort or irritation, such as stiff collars or rough fabrics. Keep your baby comfortable with soft fabrics and stretchy clothes made for the appropriate season, and everyone in your household will be happier.
  • Buying too many layers. New parents are often so preoccupied with keeping their baby warm that they don't realise they're overdoing it. A young child needs no more clothes than you're wearing. When it comes to new babies, a good rule of thumb is to dress them in the same number of layers that have on, then add one more (or a blanket).

What Sets Nixons Closet Apart Regarding Baby Clothing Online

At Nixons Closet, we're parents ourselves, so we understand the need for comfortable, practical, stylish, and affordable clothes for babies. Here are some of the things that make us stand out from other online baby clothing stores.

  • Our style. We focus on 'sweet to street' baby clothes - a stylish line that includes internationally sourced clothing as well as our own designs to allow you to outfit your baby in today's trendiest picks. Here, you'll find a wide variety of fashionable and practical clothes for kids from newborn through six years of age.
  • Our range. We offer everything you need to dress your baby in style, including rompers, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, hats, bibs, blankets, and much more for baby boys and baby girls. Whether you're looking for some basics for your newborn or a gift for a friend's baby's first birthday, we can help.
  • Our customer service. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and rapid turnaround times. We love making our customers happy and do everything we can to ensure a happy shopping experience for everyone, every time. If you have a problem, question, or comment, we'd love to hear from you and will work with you to make sure that you're satisfied.

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