Baby Boy & Girls Clothes Online

At Nixon’s Closet, we bring you the boldest kids clothing at super affordable prices. You won’t find kid’s fashion like this anywhere else. Our clothing captures the heart and soul of iconic styles from the 60s all the way to today’s top trends. For all those hardcore mums out there, we’ve got an urban vibe with a little side of rock n’ roll. That doesn’t mean we’ve left out all the starry-eyed dreamers of the world, either. Nixon’s Closet can show you exactly where dapper dan meets boho chic!

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No matter what, our outfits have ‘tude. So teach your little critters how to fight the man in style: whether it’s with sick rhymes or a little daisy-chain sweetness. We have everything from awesome accessories to clever baby boy clothes. Our online shop, Facebook and Instagram are constantly updated with the latest trends straight from Nixon’s Closet. Follow, browse, buy--and one last little thing:

Never stop rocking!

Urban Streetwear for Your Little Stylers

Hip Hop is the rough edge of R&B and this style is all about tapping that a ...ttitude. It’s a style that grew from a need to be heard, and our tough tees and kickin’ kicks will certainly give your kids the confidence to strut their stuff and shout out loud; as if they needed any encouragement anyway! Your little stylers can show off that attitude with Snapback caps, a little leopard print and some stone-cold confidence. Shop our line today!

Street Sweet Divas with Glam Accessories

Is your little princess that special blend of saucy and sweet? At Nixon’s Closet, we bring you street to sweet outfits that show how the feminine side is as strong as it is soft. There’s nothing more adorable than your beautiful baby girl in clothes with frills and ribbons and a skull or two! Throw in a tutu with some of our swank aviators and you have a picture-perfect moment for one tough little sweetheart.

Dapper Dan Meets Boho Chic on the Sunny Side of the Street

If you’re more the hip to be square type, we’re here to lure you over to the dark side--or maybe we’ll just sell you some really dapper bow ties! Our dapper styles are all about capturing the flipside of rebellion and dressing to impress while our boho chic is the flower power that flips it right back again. It’s the rustic side of your street sweet divas and the perfect little gentlemen beneath all that swagger.

Callin’ all Ballas and Beatnicks

Your baby’s got game and you know it! Now you can let the world know with our hip, edgy threads. Nixon’s Closet brings you the the coolest clothes from all around the world. From boho chic all the way to hip hop, and everything that rocks in between! Unleash your child’s wild side in a way that won’t destroy your house: get them something fabulous from Nixon’s Closet.

We have a full range of outfits and accessories in every style so you and your kids can find your own signature look. Shop our selection today and find the perfect blend to help your child define their style. We ship anywhere in Australia, Canada and the US and accept a range of payment types; including Afterpay and Zippay.

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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