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Toddlers seem to have inexhaustible energy. One quick nap and they’re back up and at it again! It being your house. We understand at Nixon’s Closet because we’re busy parents ourselves. With two rambunctious boys, we’ve learned to go with the flow. It’s tiring, but we like to think of our kids as being more actively awesome than active. All the little things toddlers do is just how they learn about the world. Try to remember that when they’re eating the plants and pulling on the cat’s tail.

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We like to celebrate every part of childhood, most especially those moments of curiosity-driven rebellion. To us, that means bringing you great kids fashions. We create outfits for children aged 0 to 6, and we pay special attention to everything we make for your busy toddler. Urban clothes are great for this age group because they tend to be loose-fitting, making it easier for them to toddle around.

Toddler Urban Wear is all About Movement

Urban clothing is made to move. Think about it. The style grew as part of hip hop and skate culture, so it’s all about dancing and activity. Your little stylers may not have quite the same moves as Usher, but that doesn’t mean they have to lack in style. Nixon’s Closet brings you totally rad outfits that make your kids feel like a million bucks and run like the six million dollar man.

We have something for everyone in our online store. That includes everything from casual daywear to outfits made for nicer occasions.

Chillax in Style with Casual Duds from Nixon’s Closet

Some days are made for shade. We have simple urban wear for all those family days and quiet mornings at home. Scoop neck tees, rompers, playsuits and super cool acid-washed denim jeans: all great ways for your stylers to stay stylin’ in maximum comfort. You can’t really relax if your toddler’s feeling even the slightest bit uncomfortable because they’ll let you know until you fix it!

That’s why some mornings call for a spunky playsuit and nice pair of acid-washed shorts. Simple, comfortable and mum-friendly. Now that’s easy like Sunday morning!

Glam it up When it’s Time to Impress

All our outfits are made for comfort, but some might take a little longer to negotiate your toddler into than others. Cuteness like this is worth every bribe! So, bust out the lollies and get ready for the most adorable urban dress wear you’ll ever see. Our girls’ line has the most amazing jumpsuits, tutus and flutter rompers. For the boys, we’ve got bowties and dapper suits.

We also have a number of unisex items that are fitting choices for either gender. Of course, it’s all a matter of your opinion--especially when it comes to toddlers!

Urban Toddler On Little Rockers

If you’re looking for the raddest and cutest toddler clothes online, look no further than Nixon’s Closet. We’ve got the best urban wear you’ll find this side of the Gold Coast. That’s because we source outfits and accessories from all across the globe, including right here in Australia. Our outfits are made for your actively awesome kids so they can toddle on and rock the day in style!

Why your toddler deserves the best urban clothes on the market

It’s a question all parents come to at some point; when is the right time to let my child choose their own clothes? We’ve all been there, you’ve laid out the perfect outfit, with careful consideration of the weather, the day’s activities and all colour coordinated so your little miss or mister looks the part. There’s just one problem, they are having a melt down because they have other ideas. So, when is the right time to let them choose?

Expressing their individuality, style and interests is a fundamental part of your child’s experimentation with their personality. They are testing the boundaries and finding out who they are, so it’s important we encourage self-expression and clothes are a perfect way to start that conversation. Allowing your toddler to find their independence in a safe way has plenty of positive outcomes, and fashion is a great way to do that. That’s where our toddler urban clothes step in!

Express yourself!

As your babies start walking, talking and questioning the world around them, they will start developing their individual characters. We still need to keep boundaries in place, but fashion is a great way of giving them freedom from us. Choosing an outfit is choosing how we present ourselves, it’s a fundamental part of our communication with the world. Ok, we know, your kids are probably going to choose some wild and wacky combinations, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing! In fact, we’re all about wild and wacky. You’ll find everything from hip hop inspired t shirts to urban dance influenced sweats. The great thing is our clothes are designed with movement in mind, so whatever they pick it’s going to be striking and practical.

There are some other great perks to being kid-led on clothing, and we’re here to tell you they are pretty sweet. Firstly, you can be assured they will wear the clothes, because they picked them! No arguments, no melt downs, just dressed and out the door without the drama. Perhaps one of the best gains is time. Sweet time, we never have enough of it. With no early morning fights over fashion you’ve saved yourself precious minutes. As they get older why not involve them in the whole process? The sooner your kids start to understand the cost and value of their possessions, the sooner you can imbed lessons about budgeting, taking care of their clothing and the value of money.

Pick with mother

Our friendly and easy to use website is an easy way to involve your kids with the selection of their clothes. With great images of all our lines, you and your toddler can find the pieces that really speak to them! There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from, made both here in Australia and picked from the world’s best designers around the globe. For even more great content and ideas follow us on Instagram, @nixons_closet, and build your child’s wardrobe together.

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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Shop for Stylish and Affordable Toddlers Clothes at Our Online Boutique

Your child will look stylishly cool while having the freedom to move when you shop from our extensive range of toddlers' clothes. From free and flowing dresses to loose-fitting urban streetwear that is easy to toddle around in, we have a wide selection of affordable outfits to suit any active child.

Tips Regarding Toddlers' Dresses Online

Consider our tips to get the most value out of toddlers' dresses and more when you shop online.

  • Know your child's size: Ensure that you know your child's measurements when purchasing clothing online as every store can have a different sizing guideline. You should know your toddler's height and weight then compare this to our store's size chart and select the best option for your child. We know that children grow quickly so if you are purchasing for the coming season then consider adding six months to your toddler's current size.
  • Review fabric: Materials such as linen and cotton are ideal for children's clothing as they can have more stretch and are breathable. These features will help to keep you child cooler in warmer weather and allow them to move freely rather than restricting them as they crawl, walk and play. You also want clothing that is easy to clean and made from quality material, so it's more durable.
  • Read clothing descriptions: Follow the store's recommendation when buying kids' clothing. For example, take note if they say that an item is a small fit and consider going up a size. If you have any doubt, message the store and ask for their professional advice.

What Sets Nixons Closet Apart Regarding Toddlers Clothes

We provide excellent customer service and quality clothing to ensure you have an enjoyable shopping experience.

  • Easy shopping: Our simple and easy to use online store enables you to find the perfect outfit from our wide range of clothing. You can shop online from our various categories such as gender and size. We provide a selection of quality images for each of our designs which can help you and your toddler decide on the ideal piece for them to wear.
  • Various selection of styles: Whether your child loves to run, jump and climb or sit quietly and play, we have an extensive selection of clothing to suit any style or occasion. We have beautiful party dresses, casual tops and bottoms, stylish pants and more from various brands, including our label NC X The Label.
  • Process orders quickly: We process orders quickly and deliver by tracked post, so you know when to expect your parcel.

Why Should You Buy from Nixons Closet?

Our Australian owned children's boutique makes shopping for quality clothing easy and hassle-free. We have an extensive range of girls' and boys' clothes that are suitable for new-borns through to six years old. Whether you want a special dress for your daughter's first birthday, a matching tracksuit for your son, stylish toddler shoes or a head accessory, we have quality affordable clothes to suit any active child. Order your child's wardrobe online using Zippay or Afterpay or contact us with any questions.