Boys Streetwear

Forget about tacos, they ain't got nothin’ on Tupac! It’s time to ditch the tex mex and embrace something new for Tuesdays: sick streetwear for your hopelessly fashionable little stylers. We’ve got all the latest hip hop trends: splatterback snapbacks, urban high tops and graphic tees featuring Tupac and the king himself! All the shorties and homies be bumpin’ on Tupac Tuesday, which is to say we have girls and boys streetwear for kids of all ages!

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Tuesday isn’t the only day of the week, though. What about all those other days? Oh, don’t worry about that, we’ve got it all thought out:

What About Grunge Rock Wednesday?

They say Wednesday’s child is full of woe, but we like to look for more than the Melon Collie with our grunge fashions. Bold red plaids with solid jet blacks, a big pair of boots and sunglasses to hide those eyes: oh yeah, this look has it all and then some!

Grunge has a sad sound, but the artists soldiered on through and captured the hearts and minds of millions. That’s something to celebrate, so let’s celebrate it! Teach your kids to walk in the footsteps of great minds, but maybe also teach them how to smile through all the growing pains too.

We Can’t Forget About Hippie Thursdays

On the lighter side of things, we’ve got a little hippy-dippy sunshine! Thursday’s child has far to go, and they’ll go far indeed with soft prints and an empowering sense of positivity. Let’s hear it for the flower children, everyone! They sang their way into America’s heartland all while hanging around the edges of society. Nixon’s Closet has many vintage styles reminiscent of this era when everyone understood that love is truly all we need. You’ll find:

  • Frilly bloomers
  • Ruffled rompers
  • Vintage floral prints
  • Bell sleeves
  • Classic retro jumpsuits
  • And more!

What’s Friday Without a Little Fabulous?

Friday is the kind of day for mixing it up! What’s more fabulous than no limitations, after all. You’ll have a blast mixing and matching to create your very own alternative style. Why not make it a little more fun? Put together your wildest combinations and share your pictures on Instagram under #nixonsfabfriday. We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and our hats are off to anyone who can create a good hippie grunge look! Extra points if you throw in some boys streetwear from our hip hop styles.

Celebrate Every Day of the Week in Style at Nixon’s Closet

We’ve got clothes for all occasions, including the ones we make up! Really though, how do tacos get one day out of the week and Tupac gets nothing? It’s not right. In fact, down with tacos and up with rockstars! No wait, that’s just crazy talk. Tacos are delicious.

Okay, maybe we can share the love--it’s all you need anyway, remember? We’ll move Tacos to Monday because it’s an easy dinner and Tupac can have Tuesdays, and that’s final! See, we have mad mum negotiating skillz!

We also have mad design and fashion skillz, so check them out by taking a turn through Nixon’s Closet. We promise you’ll have a ton of fun.

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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