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Toddlers are so adorable, but finding a good pair of toddler jeans that actually fit is like searching for buried treasure. There’s always something. Trailing pants legs, loose waistlines or they’re too snug in the diaper area. We know you’ve got mad shopping skillz, no mother survives without them, but sometimes it’s just frustrating!

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At Nixon’s Closet, we have a variety of jeans and pants for toddlers. They’re made to fit well as your child moves and as they grow. That’s why they have elastic waistbands and fabrics with a little give to them. Not only that, we include sizing charts in our product descriptions to help you choose exactly the right fit! Everyone wants their kids to look good, but finding that pair of jeans that fits well is about more than that with toddlers.

Always on the Go with Two Left Feet

Toddlers are the movers and shakers of the kid kingdom. They’re always on the go, but they’re not always so steady. They have two settings: full speed ahead and oh snap, it’s naptime. We’ve seen kids pass out right at the dinner table because they keep going until there’s nothing left!

That’s why they need something with a good range of motion. It will keep from tripping them up on their already unsteady feet, and it won’t cut off circulation when they fall asleep in the middle of playing. That’s why our distressed styles are so perfect. Not only do they have the flyest look your little stylers can rock, the distressing and tears actually give them more range of motion. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: alternative style clothing is made for kids! Loose fits, lots of give and a whole lot of cool. Shop our selection today!

Toddlers Know how to Rock Classic Hip Hop Style Jeans

Does your toddler rock his jeans old-school style? If you’re seeing little baby butts streaking by, it might be time to rethink just how loose your child’s jeans need to be. That’s why you should always look for a loose fit in the leg with a snug fit up top in the waistline. It might have been in style for the hip hop scene to show off their knickers in the 1990s, but we all know the dangers of not containing those diapers properly! It’s much safer to kick it like M.C. Hammer in the 80s: room for movement in the leg with a comfortable fit in the waist. Oh yeah, Hammer time!

If you have a really big problem finding pants that fit the bill, consider going with a nice pair of shorts. You’ll have much more wiggle room in the legs, so you can find the waist size that’s just right. Some parents have success rolling the waistband down and pairing the look with a large tee.  If your toddler’s pants are eternally falling down no matter what you do, check out our distressed shorts with suspenders. They might just be the perfect solution for you! Either that, or you could give the stretchable fabrics of our toddler skinny jeans a try.

We Have Jeans and Shorts fit for all Your Kids

At Nixon’s Closet, we have pants made for movement in all styles. We have classic distressed and acid-washed denims, biker shorts and the ever-reliable stretch-cloth shorts and leggings. Everything comes with that fashionable edge that is our brand. So, take a look through our assorted pants and toddler jeans today and find something great for your wobbly little tornado.

We have excellent pricing and also accept Afterpay and Zippay, so you’re sure to find something in your budget when you shop Nixon’s Closet.

Toddler jeans that look the part and fit like a glove

What are you wearing tonight? It’s the age-old question. The answer? Let’s say it together ladies ‘jeans and a nice top’. There’s a reason this phrase is probably the most used up and down the land, because jeans are just about the most versatile item of clothing out there. Dress up, dress down, every day kick about or special occasions – jeans just have you covered. Guess what? Mini-fashion is no different, and a trusty pair of toddler skinny jeans will do the same job for your little one as it does for you.

Ask Beyoncé, Beckham or practically any big star – there’s nothing more adorable than a toddler whose style is as on point as their mum’s. Whether you’re into the mummy and me look, or just want something durable, flexible and smart for your kids, our jeans top the charts.

Top styling tips for your kid couture

We don’t mind if you steal a couple of these for your wardrobe too, but here are our top tips to style out our trendy jeans;

  • Cropped or skinny jeans under a dress

    All the rage amongst some stars, the dress/jean combo is a winner, especially in those winter months. Layers are great for warmth. If your little one is prone to twisting up the hem of her dress, jeans offer a bit more coverage than tights or bare legs. Protects against skinned knees during active play, try our distressed denim jeans under a light and bouncy dress, like one of our linen numbers.
  • Smart meets casual

    Sometimes our mini-mes want to dress smart, sometimes we need them to. A pair of jeans with a shirt is a great way of keeping the comfort factor whilst looking sharp. You can even add one of our adorable bow ties to complete the look!
  • Jean jacket or double denim rompers

    Remember the days when double denim was frowned upon? Us neither. Bring that classic 80s vibe with a jean jacket combo or get the all in one look with a romper or dungaree. Perfect for active kids, jean material is super durable.
  • Distressed Denim

    It’s all the rage, so obviously we’ve got the little version of this cracking look. Try our Black Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans with frayed detail, or Acid Washed Distressed Jeans with cut outs. Cat walk ready.
  • Skirts and shorts

    Great for growing legs, jean skirts and shorts will probably have a longer life line due to not needing to fit their inner leg measurement. Cute and practical for summer we’ve got plenty of styles to choose from.

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