Collection: Toddler Distressed Jeans

We know what you’re thinking: I already own a whole closetful of toddler distressed jeans!  It’s likely your children have already mastered the art of distressing their own clothing, and that’s why it’s such a perfect style to incorporate into their wardrobe. You’ll get a much longer shelf life from a pair of pants that are already made to look worn. Besides, these styles are just too cute to pass up! Especially when you pair them with one of our rockin’ graphic tees and Snapback caps. Throw in some patent shoes and your little one is ready to go!

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We have a range of clothing in alternative styles at Nixon’s Closet. Full outfits, rompers, playsuits, pants, jackets and anything you need to get your little ones up and running in the morning. Everything carries our signature look, which is a little rebellion mixed in with a whole lot of fun!

What Are Distressed Jeans?

Distressed styles are all about artful rips and fraying that mimic natural wear and tear. It’s a fun look for kids, and it will give older children the confidence to play uninhibited by the fear of messing up their clothes. On the other hand, being a toddler is all about exploring the world. They really don’t have the mental capacity to think in more than one dimension yet. That means they’re too focused on what that mud will feel like between their toes to think about what it might do to their pants!

As a busy mum, it’s hard to balance between letting them do their thing and worrying over how you’re going to afford to keep them clothed. They grow so quickly you’ll be replacing their outfits often enough, even if your little ones know how to stay clean!

Find the Right Fit with Our Sizing Charts

You’ll never have to worry over getting the wrong fit at Nixon’s Closet. We include sizing charts for our jeans on their product description pages. This allows you to check length, waist sizing and recommended age ranges to ensure you buy the right size. All children grow at different rates, and the age ranges are only a guide to help you better sort out where to start. We recommend using sewing tape to measure your child if you have difficulty finding proper fits.

Our Distressed Jeans Aren’t Our Only Amazing Denims

We have styles for everyone at Nixon’s Closet. Our acid-washed denims are an adorable throwback to punk grunge, skate and hip hop cultures. Who knew that fashion could be such a connective experience? As it turns out, one thing that trends among alternative styles is a tendency to borrow from one another. Choose your favourite acid-washed and distressed denim styles today:

  • Acid-washed rompers and jumpsuits carry an early 2000s hip hop look
  • Distressed jeans bring out the early 90s grunge
  • Acid-wash denim jackets take you right back to classic 70s rock and 80s metal
  • And our acid-washed overalls will take you right back to being a kid yourself!

The best toddler distressed jeans

Is there an item of clothing as beloved as the humble pair of jeans? Come to think of it, do you know anyone who doesn’t own and wear a pair of jeans? They have to be the most popular addition to any wardrobe. The classic emblem of Americana, jeans aren’t just the purview of cowboys anymore. They’ve been strutting their stuff on runways, doing school runs and dressing up or down for every conceivable occasion. That’s why we’ve developed a line of the best fitting toddler distressed jeans you’ll find just about anywhere.

Why are distressed jeans so popular?

Did you know that in an anthropological study someone actually went out of their way to find out just how popular jeans are? They went all around the world, and they found that in just about every place visited almost half of the first 100 people stopped, on any random day, were wearing jeans. So why are jeans such a popular choice, and why are they a great option for children’s clothing?

  • Strong, durable material

    Jeans have been around since the 19th century, when the first recognisable pair of jeans were made for use by gold prospectors. We might have mental images of gold diggers standing in streams sifting for flecks of light, but the reality is far from that. A dangerous and painful job, these miners worked through the elements for long, hard days of heavy labour. As you might imagine, linen or cotton offerings weren’t durable enough for these activities, so a clever designer by the name of Levi Strauss stepped in with a solution.

    It’s no wonder a garment made for the most horrendous of conditions is perfect for kids and toddlers! After all, who puts their clothing to the test more than your little tykes? Made to be battered, bashed and given their fair share of mud and muck, jeans are here to stay. The best part? Distressed jeans make the worn in look a fashion choice, so your golden angels can get down and dirty with the best of them!
  • They age like a fine wine

    Okay, you caught us, we’ve got wine on the brains, but it also happens to be true that jeans age beautifully, enhancing with time. Other textiles only look their best on the first wear, and every wash after that just decreases their attractiveness until you have to put your hand in your pocket, again. The way denim ages is probably the reason distressed jeans were invented in the first place, they actually look better as they get older!
  • Versatile

    Dress up, dress down, or even wear them with a dress. There’s pretty much nothing a pair of jeans wont complement. Our favourite is one of our rad t shirts and a bandana, but you can mix and match your own style! The humble pair of jeans makes styling your kids easy, they just can’t go wrong.

Find your perfect match today

With every conceivable cut from boyfriend to distressed, acid wash to streetwear, you’re bound to find the right fit for your child. Once you’ve found the cut and colour for you, go ahead and check out our funky accessories to create the perfect look.

Browse our selection and find your perfect denim style at Nixon’s Closet. We accept Afterpay and Zippay so you can purchase today and pay tomorrow!

We’re All About Comfort, Style and Convenience

Nixon’s Closet is full of clothing made for busy mums by busy mums. We started in 2014, and we’ve been rocking stylishly affordable kids wear ever since. We embrace all things alternative and we’re all about providing you with variety while keeping things simple. Your children should have the freedom to express themselves, and clothing is the quickest way to help them grow their sense of self.

So, take a look through our styles and find some toddler distressed jeans that haven’t been crafted by your rambunctious little styler!

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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