Collection: Streetwear For Toddlers

Streetwear is all about rocking alternative styles throughout the decades and from around the world. This is a comprehensive way to dress. Everything from grunge to Japanese street fashion can be considered a part of this amazing look. So, if you’ve got one awesome little dude or dudette toddling around with enough swagger to shake the house; you might need to outfit your toddlers in our streetwear to complement dat attitude.

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It’s not all about hip hop, though. It’s more a way of saying:

Here I Am

Alternative styles of all kinds embrace the simple idea that the rest of the world can do what it wants because I’m going to do me. It’s like saying ‘get ready world, I’m coming!’. It’s the quiet before the storm, the thought before the action and the music before the movement. You can bet there’s always a sick beat behind your favourite alternative styles.

This look is perfect for toddlers because it embraces their free spirit. It’s easy to feel free when the world hasn’t defined you yet. Alternative teaches your kids to never let that happen because it’s all about learning to define yourself. Of course, it also captures that quintessential feeling of being a kid.

Gonna Rock You Like a Hurricane

Admit it mum, some days your kids wake up at hurricane-force levels of destructive energy. You know what they say: destruction is just another form of creation. We don’t know who “they” are, but we can bet they’re not the ones cleaning up the mess! It’s true though. All that chaos is how your toddler deconstructs the world so they can see how it all fits back together again. If only they were more keen to help with the putting back together part …

They may not be willing to lend that helping hand, but Nixon’s Closet has a few ways to lighten the load. Our streetwear for toddlers is made for comfort and simplicity. We have a wide range of pants, rompers, playsuits, jumpsuits and more; all so you can choose just how technical you want to get with their wardrobe. We know it all depends on how the winds are blowing on each given day, and that’s why we have such variety.

Are You Ready Baby?

Are you ready for rockin’ styles that make your toddler jump up and do the twist and shout? Are you ready to ROCK?! Then head on over to Nixon’s Closet and browse our shop for a selection of styles that truly embrace all things toddler. I can do it myself, I’m going to touch that just because you told me not to and bust out the juice boxes cause I’ve been yelling ‘til my throat gets sore: isn’t being a mum just so glamorous?

Even on the days when it doesn’t feel like it, we promise you’re ready for this. Somewhere in the midst of all that chaos, your little person is growing up into a fine adult. The secret is that you’re growing right alongside your children, so remember to have fun with it. Remember to celebrate these years because they pass us by so quickly.

So, come celebrate your rocking little hurricane with styles made to fit their lifestyle and your wallet. We ship throughout Australia, the US and Canada; and we accept many different methods of payment.

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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