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Straight from the sunny coasts of California, streetwear slid into town on a skateboard and stayed for the hip hop. This fun style of clothing embraces all things alternative. It brings together surf and skate styles with hip hop couture and a little Japanese street fashion to create a fun and rebellious spirit.

Being a kid is all about testing boundaries, and nothing captures that better than this style.  Acid washed denims, quippy clothing and a whole lot of hoods: Nirvana, here we come! Read More

Sometimes it Smells Worse than Teen Spirit

People will tell you being a mum is about love and growth and rainbows dancing on moonbeams. Real mums know it’s mostly about odours. Especially if you have boys! Some days you’re just praying for a sinus infection to come along and take it all away. If they’re going to get dirty and smelly anyway, why not dress them up in the finest grunge fashions this side of the Gold Coast?

Go on and have a little fun while you’re being super mum. That’s really what it’s all about anyway: playing and laughing as you learn through life with your family.

Balancing the Practical With the Ridiculous is a mum Superpower

So much of being a parent is just plain hard work. Early mornings, late nights and sticky hugs: that’s the life. At least now you have an entourage when you go out. They’re a whirling tornado of chaos, but that’s just how it goes. So much of parenting is about striking a balance and making compromises. It’s the lollies you use to get them to the doctor and the complex negotiation process that keeps them eating veggies. It’s a million ridiculous things you never thought you’d have to do, just to get to that one thing that actually needs doing!

That’s why mums everywhere have that special superpower that lets them balance the utterly ridiculous with everyday practicalities. We get that, and our kids streetwear shows it. It’s made for playing without compromising on style or comfort. That’s because we know you want your kids to look nice, but nothing looks nice about an uncomfortable child! Nothing.

Our Streetwear Style Clothes Could Teach You a Few Things About Having Fun

We’re all about the lighter side of life at Nixon’s Closet. Fun fashions, quirky styles and a whole lot of attitude are the hallmarks of our brand. We bring you adorable outfits for your little rockstar, and they’re made for playing. That’s what makes this fashion so great for kids. It’s based on styles that leave plenty of room for movement! We also have classic rompers with classically uncouth sayings for your littlest little devils. We have all sorts of clothing and accessories for you to choose from, such as:

  • Kids shoes, prewalkers and fabulous boots
  • Hats, headbands, snapbacks and even a few unicorn horns
  • Rompers, playsuits and onesies
  • Jackets, overalls, jeans and rockin’ biker shorts

We carry brands from all around the world, including our own homegrown label: NC X. You can have items personalized for an extra touch of individualism, or just so there’s less chance of things getting lost at school. There’s that practicality again!

Find Your Fun at Nixon’s Closet

No matter how busy you are, there’s always time for a bit of fun. We’re here to help you remember to laugh while you’re knee-deep in diaper dooty. That’s not a typo, either. As you can tell from our snarky tees, we don’t feel the need to mince words at Nixon’s Closet!

We ship throughout Australia as well as to the United States and Canada and accept multiple methods of payment, including Zippay and Afterpay. So, take a look through our kids streetwear and find your fun today. You’ll have a blast about town with your stylin’ entourage. You know, right up until all the tears and fighting.

Streetwear for toddlers, babies and big kids

It’s all about the kids, absolutely. Okay, so it’s a bit about us too. Clothes are a great way to have fun with your little ones, to express their style and individuality. But, if we’re honest, we also just love dressing our little dudes and darling divas in clothes that make us smile. There’s going to come a point where they won’t let us influence their fashion choices, right? At some point they will be terrifying teenagers with too-short skirts and trousers slung a bit too low for visits to granny. Right now, though, we’re the taste makers. Introducing streetwear for toddlers, that’s also for mum.

Style it out

What was it that Coco Chanel said? Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. Well, we’re not saying Coco was wrong, but we certainly think you can have a bit more fun than that. Accessories are everything, and we’ve got the lot!

  • Hair Scrunchies
  • Snapback hats and caps
  • Nappy Bags and kid’s backpacks
  • Beanie hats
  • Bandanas
  • Bibs

We’ve also got the best accessories of all; you know what we’re talking about – SHOES! They are the one thing that can tie your whole outfit together or perhaps accent it with something completely different. Rocking the floral frill? Combine it with a boot for a punk twist. Baby Uggs to cap off that urban swag? No problem. You can choose from a range of colours in boot, Ugg and high-top shoes.

Killer combinations

 Looking for complete outfits, or combo inspiration? Instagram is where you’ll find some top styling tips. Here’s some of our hottest recommendations for mix and matches that are totally adorable.

  • The Movie Star

    Looking like she’s just stepped off a movie set and straight onto the beach, this look is for little ladies with that 60s vibe. Pair our linen tutu romper with colour matched peach turban for a look that says, ‘I’m ready for my close up’. Couple with white Gladiator sandals and finish off with flower power sunglasses. Gorgeous!
  • The Original Gangster

    Our Tupac T shirts go great with black distressed jeans. Accessorise with a black bandana, styled just like Tupac, and finish with white trainers to complete the look, Sunglasses optional!
  • The Wild Animal

    One of our favourites, and something we’d rock ourselves; this combo is a real killer. Pair leather look tights with our leopard jumper and double pom-pom beanie hat. The great news is this is a mummy and me look, matching jumper and hats available!

Whatever look you end up choosing, Nixons Closet is all about play. Mix and match until you find something new and exciting, that’s the joy of fashion! The great news is that orders over $120 receive free delivery, so you can go wild with your selections! Take some creative risks and fill up your basket with the best, and most unusual, kids’ fashion available in Australia.

Kid’s urban clothes that are made to make you smile

“My mom’s not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.” If you recognise this statement, and more importantly you identify with it, you’re in the right place. From our ‘can’t touch this’ flannel shirt, to our ‘mama’s boy’ camo biker set, these kid’s urban clothes are full of whimsy, irony and a sense of humour! Whether you pick one of our cheeky slogans, or find your kid rocking a King Hoodie, our brand is about fresh urban design with a tongue in cheek sense of joy. Fashion is about having fun and boy do we know how to have fun!

Back to basics

We’re not all statement pieces and high drama. We’re mother’s too, and we know that sometimes it’s about marching out looking fierce, and sometimes it’s about practical clothing for every day. We’ve got you no matter what. Our basics line is affordable, practical, and still gorgeous. Navigate to the basics section in the menu to find; 

  • Long Sleeved Basic Romper (with or without flutter)

    The classic romper, in multiple colours. Comfortable, versatile and great value for money. Also available in ribbed fabric.
  • Short Sleeved Basic Romper

    Also in multiple colours, with flutters or ribbed, this short-sleeved option is a perfect match for hotter weather.
  • Basic Ribbed Cardigan

    Cute, elegant and great to go with some of our more ‘out there’ tops to create a more muted day look. Beautifully buttoned and available in various colours.
  • Basic Flutter Sleeve Top

    Add a bit of shape and flair to a conservative look, the flutter on these long-sleeved tops gives a drop of drama.
  • Long Basic Ribbed Romper

    Great for crawlers, soft and warm for cool nights. They’ll look cute as a button roaming around in this romper.
  • Ribbed Solid PJ Set

    Sold in 6 different colours these basic two-piece sleeping sets will give them sweet dreams.
  • Basic Spring Cardigan

    With long sleeves, button front and a range of colours and patterns, these spring cardigans are a great addition to any wardrobe.
  • Basic Lace Wing Top

    A little lace gives a lot of flair to these simple yet elegant tops.
  • Basic Ballet Romper

    Neat, petite and good enough to eat – she will look the part in these sweet black and pink ballet rompers.
  • Ruffle Neck Tops

    In mustard, white and pink the ruffles on these tops will frame her face and will make your heart melt!
  • Basic Cotton Shorts

    Available in a variety of colours these soft and supple shorts are fantastic for play dates. Super flexible, your little tyke will probably grow with these shorts for a longer lasting wear.

Constantly changing trends 

We’re always updating our looks, including our basic lines, so keep your eyes peeled for our latest developments. Luckily, our handy website can do all the work for you. Simply navigate to the ‘new arrivals’ section of the website to be shown only the latest trends to hit the site. Keep yourself in the loop and check out our most recent additions today!

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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