AB to JAY-Z alphabet learning book- The Little Homie

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If you're having alphabet problems I feel bad for you son.

Alphabet learning book by The Little Homie 

Is your little one learning their ABCs and 123s?

Are you fed up with A is for apple, B is for ball? At Nixons Closet we have the number 1 way to help out: our AB to Jay-Z book. With The Little Homie, we help your child remember the alphabet with a range of rappers and musicians – cooler than fruits and animals, right? Read More

What does it include?

You may be wondering if this book really is suitable for your child if it’s all about rappers. Of course, it is! There’s nothing inappropriate in this book, and to prove it, here are a few examples of the letters:

  • B is for Biggie Smalls and he loves it when you call him Big Poppa
  • M is for Marshall Mathers and he’s the real Slim Shady
  • P is for Pharrell and he’s clapping along because he’s happy
  • S is for Snoop Dogg and he’s laid back, sipping on orange juice

The letters are shown in both capital and lower case, and there is a cartoon drawing of each rapper alongside them. It even has a page at the start for your child’s name so that everyone knows how cool their alphabet learning is! This book just makes learning different, so your child enjoys it a bit more. There are even a few tongue in cheek references for you adults to enjoy too! (It’s just a bit of fun)

123 with the Notorious B.I.G

Having trouble with 123s? We have a book for that too! Learning and teaching numbers has never been fun, but now you can enjoy it with your child with plenty of lyrics and funny references along the way. For example:

  • 3 – Kanye West is trying to keep up with THREE Kardashians
  • 9 – Kelis is drinking NINE milkshakes in the yard
  • 20 – Tupac is looking for some California love with his TWENTY bandanas

Why you should buy these books

If you’ve got alphabet problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but my ABCs ain’t one! These books are more for your benefit than the child’s because they’re less likely to know all the RnB, Hip Hop, and Rap artists, but you’ll sure have fun with it! And, as long as your child can’t read yet, you can make up your own sentences for the book if you’d rather keep them to yourself and not have to answer any questions. Just make sure it works with the pictures.

These books cost $34.95 each, so if you want your child to learn B is for Biggie Smalls and S is for Snoop Dogg, go for it! However, these books will probably go best with the normal alphabet books where B is for ball and S is for snake.

If you’re not quite up for A to Jay-Z or 123 with the Notorious B.I.G, we do stock children’s tees and outfits with RnB stars and rappers on them until they’re old enough to laugh along with you!

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