Kids Hip Hop Clothes

Here at Nixon’s Closet we’re all about the hug life, and we’ve got the outfits to prove it. Just look at this little mother hugger if you don’t believe us! We provide a wide selection of kids hip hop clothes for all your little shorties and players. They’re made for everyday life so your kids feel comfortable whether they’re coolin’, frontin’ or just straight-up trippin’.

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In fact, we’ve got some creative items that call out all the little homies on their baddest behaviour. We carry clothing and accessories of all kinds, and our printables are among some of our most popular items!

Hip Hop, Swag Style Graphic Tees and Hilarious Prints

Our printed tees feature fun saying, fantastic prints and, of course, all the best hip hop stars! We carry Little Ripperz shirts featuring Tupac and Biggie Smalls, and we’ve also  got plenty of printed slogans from our own house brand: NC X. You’ll love the clever sayings, and your kids will love the attention they get when people read them!

While you’re shopping our graphic tees and prints, check out our customizable products. We can print your child’s name and other lettering on our beanies and stonewash playsuits. Get one today and pair with some of our awesome sunglasses. There’s not better way to make your little one feel like a real star!

Matching Sibling and Twin Sets

If you love to dress your kids to match, we’ve got a few things just for you! We have best friends jackets for sisters, little bro/big bro merchandise and our epic ‘you’re killing me smalls’ combination shirts. We even have matching floral sets for sisters and twins. Of course, we also have some items for mum and dad. That’s right, you can dress the whole family to match at Nixon’s Closet! You know you’re cool enough to pull it off, so own it and make no apologies!

Kickin’ Shoes for Babies and Kids

Your shoe obsession is about to get even worse because we’ve got some of the cutest footwear for kids! We’re talking boots for every occasion here: floral print, lace ups in any colour, skull printed and the good ol’ fashioned commando. We even have some that turn your baby’s feet into little bears.

There’s more than boots lurking around our closet, too. You’ll also find sneakers, prewalkers and even little slides for around the house. Hip hop culture is all about the shoes, and all women know that no outfit is complete without the perfect pair. With our selection and excellent pricing, your kids will always have a completed outfit.

It’s All About that Swag

No one can ever agree on what swag stands for, but we all know what it means: totally dope merch. And, if you’re going to have that swagger, you gotta have the swag! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our own NC X label and our selection on offer from Little Ripperz for dope shirts, and don’t forget about the shoes!

There’s so much more available from our shop, so start browsing and indulge that shopping habit a little. No hatin’ over here, we know what it’s like to get bit by the shopping bug ourselves! That’s why we’re excited to now offer Afterpay and Zippay, giving you more payment options on top of our already low prices. Anyone can afford to shop at Nixon’s Closet, but no one can afford to pass up these boots; so get shopping

Nothing says swag clothes for boys and girls like badass bandanas

If you’re going to be the baby with the biggest swag, or the top toddler, you’re going to need a badass bandana. You might wear it in a hip-hop up do like Rhianna, or do it old school, but however you wear it, we’ve got the dope designs you need.

  • Black and White bandana bibs

    That’s not dribble, son, that’s… okay, it’s dribble, but with these Little Ripperz banana bibs your baby will look fresh all day. Classic design, street ready.
  • Bandana DIY Scarf

    A full sized OG bandana scarf that can be folded down to form a hairband, scarf or full bandana for head wear. Available in just about every colour you can think of.
  • Bandana Singlet Tank

    Incorporating that hip hop style into a street ready tank design, all the bandana, none of the scarf.
  • Printed Bandana bib – MLW

    Snap (closure)! These cheeky bibs look fresh enough to drool over. Super absorbent with sick style. Choose from a range of different designs including ‘Babe’, Pirate and Rocker themes.
  • MissA handmade bibs

    Handmade bandana bibs with serious swag points. Nothing says luxe like these unique baby bibs. With snap closures and a range of street ready designs, these bibs are for serious baby gangsters. 

Baby got backpack

If your baby has got swag, you’re going to need a serious swag bag to keep up. You can’t be palming your style icon off with another Dora the explorer backpack and hoping for the best. A true toddler with attitude needs a bag that is aa bad as they are, and we’ve got you covered.

You can choose between skulls, The Big 3, Tupac or Cardi B inspired designs, all with unique artist’s interpretations to kick up your style level. If you’re more at the nappy bag than back pack stage, check out our weird and wonderful options for great storage, with style.

Romp home in real style

Move aside Kim K and Tay-Tay, we’re the romper queens. We’ve got rompers galore in our straight to street outfits. 

  • Tiger Romper

    You’re going to hear them roar in this wild romper with tiger design. Ruffled sleeves give this bold pattern great flair for 0-6 month year old animals.
  • Beast Mode Romper

    Exactly what it says on the tin, a beast romper for your little monster. A sporty look and fabric make this great for active babies.
  • Black Dino Romper

    One of our favourites. Sleek black design with scales on the hood, this adorable dinosaur themed number will be a big hit with your little T-Rex!
  • Boho Tassel Romper

    Think Woodstock, think mini-hippy, think beautiful black tassels on a contrasting burnt beige background.
  • Frangipani Lace Romper

    Not so much street as sweet, this little house on the prairie number is too gorgeous not to get a mention!
  • Leopard Flutter Romper

    Straight off the catwalk (no pun intended) this leopard print number is so stylish we wish it came in a bigger size! Strictly 0-6 months means your baby will be the envy of everyone.

There are so many more designs to discover on our website. So, if your baby has swag and your toddler is a style icon, head to today!

Ladies, get in formation for the freshest girl’s hip hop clothes

Move aside boys, we’re ditching the bows and sparkles and bringing you girls hip hop clothes. Okay, so maybe not ditching, who doesn’t love a little sparkle? We can have it all, so let’s bring our baby girl fashion up to date with fresh hip hop and urban style. Gone are the days when girls were said to be made of sugar and spice, because we’re done being nice. Our daughters can climb a tree, kick a football and get into dust ups with the best of them, so their clothing better be ready for them. That’s why we’ve got frills and ruffles, sure, but we’ve also got skulls and streetwear for your active angels.

What do we mean by ‘hip hop’ clothing?

Hip hop style, known as big fashion, is all about that big life. Bold statements, distinctive, loud and unapologetic. With its roots in Latin and African American youth culture, hip hop is expressive, the most important aspect is attitude. Well, we’re pretty certain our little tykes have attitude written all over them. That’s part of what makes hip hop such a huge inspiration in our lines.

From a fashion perspective, the late 80s saw large sportswear brands redefine the hip hop look. Bright colours were a big part of achieving the large than life aesthetic, with tracksuits, bomber jackets and sneakers featuring heavily. The Fresh Prince arrived and became a legend in hip hop fashion, and if it’s good enough for the Fresh Prince, it’s good enough for our royal offspring!

So, when we say hip hop clothes for kids, we mean urban, street, cool and full of character. We mean swag worthy tracksuit sets that let your kids move like members of the urban jungle. For us, clothing is a form of expression, a statement as well as an act of rebellion and fun. It doesn’t matter if your kid is rocking the Biggie Smalls tee, or getting low in a leopard print shortie, Nixons Closet is here to provide you with something no other brand will. Counter-culture clothes with attitude. If you’re sick of the mainstream we’re the store for you.

Streetwear without the stress

We want to disrupt the fashion industry, not your shopping experience, so the outrageous styles we stock are where our rebellion ends. Nixons Closet has put together a simple shopping and shipping process to make it easy for you. Our lines are divided into subcategories: Accessories, Basics, Aussie Brands, New Arrivals and Clothing. Just head straight for what you’re looking for. Shoes and hair bands? Click through to accessories. Basics are where you’ll find everyday value items, like simple rompers and tops. Our handmade and printed Aussie brands get their own subcategory, and New Arrivals and Clothing seem pretty self-explanatory. We do divide our collections into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ to make things easier for you, but we encourage you to throw that right out of the window. If you see something in the girls’ section your little man will love, then break the rules! Conformity is not a colour we stock.

Once you’ve made you selection, we take over. We ship direct from our manufacturers to you to ensure the cheapest shipping costs we can manage. Your items will arrive safe and sound, and we can help you track your order. The quicker you place your order, the faster we can put your new items in your hands, so don’t delay – make your first purchase today!

We offer affordable, stylish and unique clothing and accessories for your little styler! From baby boy and girls clothes & streetwear to stylish baby clothes & kids urban clothing.

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