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Nixons Closet is the only place that you need to shop at when looking to buy baby girls clothes online. When you have a new baby to look after, buying clothes online is a much easier and more convenient way to shop and will save you a lot of stressful trips to the shops with a crying child! Babies grow very fast and within just a few months they will need a whole new wardrobe. Trying to inject some style into this wardrobe each time is no easy task but you can shop online right here at Nixons Closet for all the coolest and trendiest styles. Read More

Buy Baby Girls Clothes Online From Nixons Closet

If you need some help dressing your baby girl, do not forget to check out our social pages where you will find a range of different styles and ideas to keep things fun and interesting as your baby girl grows. We have also listed below some fantastic top styling tips that will ensure your child is the trendiest baby around.

Top Tips For Styling Baby Girls

 Styling baby girls can be a lot of fun and dressing them in the clothes from Nixons Closet will ensure they are not wearing the same as every other baby! Our clothing is very unique and anyone who loves urban and hip hop style clothing will appreciate what we have to offer. Here is how you can style some of our pieces to create cool looks.

  •  Be Bold - As we get older, we tend to lean towards neutral and more boring colours. You will know this yourself most likely when looking at your own style! One of the best aspects of styling babies and young children is that they have the freedom to wear clothing with lots of colour and bold patterns! Why dress your child in unpleasant neutral colours when instead they could be wearing our bold leopard print flutter romper, pink leopard crop tee and short set or our linen ruffle waist rompers that come in 4 bold colours.
  • Matching Sisters - Have you ever seen two young sisters dressed in the same matching outfits? Maybe your parents once did the same for you and your sister! This look is super cute and you are sure to get a tonne of people commenting on how sweet your children look. Take a look at our adorable Big Sis and Lil Sis floral mustard set to achieve this style on your baby girls!
  • Opt For Cute And Stylish Accessories - One of the simplest ways to achieve a cool and stylish look on your baby girl is to have them wear some cute accessories. One of our favourites for girls is our range of brightly coloured headbands that can be added to any outfit to make it 100x cuter!

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