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The list of things you have to do today is endless. There are packed lunches to organise, someone’s birthday party is looming (and you’re supposed to buy a present), you’ve work to do and in the corner of your eye is a pile of laundry that isn’t going to do itself. On top of all of that your growing brood need new clothes, shoes and an outfit for the party. A parent’s life is one long marathon against an ever-ticking clock. At Nixons Closet we can’t promise to make those sandwiches for you, but we can take the stress out of buying toddler clothes with online shopping that delivers style right to your door.

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Do it the easy way - buy your toddler clothes online

Our unique line of trendy clothes, at an affordable price, is chock full of baby bargains and toddler treats. For any occasion, with a range of street ready styles, we can help you fill your little one’s wardrobe with the best in apparel, shoes and accessories at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on offering designs that won’t be found on the high street. Whether you like classic vibes or fashion forward threads, we bring you the wild and wacky clothes that match your children’s eclectic personalities.

60s Flares to catwalk crop tops, we’ve got them all!

When you look at your little one the most overwhelming sensation is watching their personality form right before your eyes. Whether you’ve got a prima donna or a dapper dan on your hands, clothes are a great way to encourage personal expression and have fun with your children. We all communicate our style in different ways, so why should children’s fashion be any different? We take inspiration from all over to bring you the boldest in mini-fashion, all in just a few clicks!

What toddler clothes are hot right now?

We’re so glad you asked. Our lines are constantly updating to bring you the latest trends, here are some of our favourite new looks;

  • Florals, florals everywhere!

    Bold and bright, floral patterns are huge this season. Large prints with leafy greens and bright buds reflect your little one’s sense of joy and wonderment, after all their days are filled with new discoveries! Check out our new Sunflower Flare Romper, with matching headbands, for a great fresh look. Available in 3 colours, these bright yellow petals spring out and make a real statement.
  • Plaid? Check!

    We love the resurgence of that 90s grunge look, think Avril Lavigne meets 2019! Great for all genders, try our Plaid Puffy Vests, in two colours, for a smart chequered look.
  • Camo – now I see it!

    Camo is the essential pattern for adventurous, active kids. The best part is it hides many sins (stains!). Your kid won’t disappear into the background in a bold camo look. Why not get your tiny soldier one of our Daddy’s Boy Camo sets? With hoodie and comfortable matching trousers, this soft, flexible outfit is great for boys that love to keep you on your toes!

Pay your way

The best part of ordering from Nixons Closet is the price tag, the next best part is the flexible payment options. With multiple buy now, pay later options, don’t wait to fill up your cart today!

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